New Vehicle Detailing Services

New Vehicle Detailing Package

The New Vehicle Detailing Package is for those who have just purchased a new vehicle. While new vehicles are in great shape, there is a lot that can happen to a vehicle before you receive it. This package is meant to properly prepare, fix, and protect your vehicle moving forward.

Interior Services

  • Vacuum floor, seats, door pockets, and console areas
  • Floor mats removed and vacuumed
  • All weather floor mats removed, scrubbed with cleaner, rinsed, and dried
  • Dashboard, steering column, console, and doors cleaned
  • UV protectant applied with satin finish on dash, column, console, and doors
  • Interior glass cleaned to a streak free finish
  • Leather surfaces cleaned, conditioned, and protected
  • Door jams and trunk jamb cleaned
  • Trunk and spare tire area cleaned

Exterior Services

  • Wheels and tires scrubbed and cleaned
  • Special pretreatment for bugs, tar, and heavily contaminated areas
  • Hand washing, separate mitt used for washing lower areas to help protect paint from scratches
  • Thorough rinse then vehicle dried with high quality microfiber drying towels
  • Chemical decontamination of wheels and paint surfaces
  • Clay bar treatment of paint surface
  • Single stage machine polishing to remove swirl marks and light scratching
  • Panel by panel wipe down to remove all polishing oils to prep surface for bonding with protection 
  • Tires dressed with premium dressing that doesn’t sling and provides UV protection
  • Exterior trim dressed with UV protection
  • Glass cleaned to a streak free finish
  • Paint sealant applied to paint surface

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