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What are Paint Corrections?

Paint corrections, also commonly known as swirl removal, is a hands on method of removing swirls, surface level scratches, water spots, oxidation, holograms, marring from inexperienced detailers, and etchings. The before and after effects of this service are incredible, because it restores your cars paint to mint condition, when the paint correction is completed. This service is the pride and joy of most detailers as it showcases the deepest part of their skillset. A single-stage can be done individually and will restore the shine and gloss of your car, but for deeper scratches or more severe issues, the three-stage application is recommended.

It is advised to have a professional detailer wash and inspect your car for imperfections prior to applying ANY protective coatings. The coatings will cement in the imperfections and make paint correction techniques less effective.

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How It Works

Your automobiles paint is layered on top of each other. There are three major layers of paint applied. The upper most layer is the clear coat, followed by the base paint coat, and finally the primer which sits on the sheet metal. Often, the imperfections and scratches on your car are on the surface level, known as the clear coat. This is good because, it has not damaged the paint at this point. If untreated, the clear coat will thin out and eventually reach the base coat. It is at this point where touching up the paint is recommended. Prior to touching up the paint, it is best to fix the scratches by having a detailer perform a paint correction service.

When You Need Swirl Removal

There are many reasons why you would want to purchase a paint correction service. Typically, it is because you notice surface level scratches or swirls. Some examples include if you have experienced some weather related damage, someone took your car through a car wash, you made someone mad enough to intentionally scratch your car, a bad wax and buff, or you intend to purchase a protective coating.


What You Can Expect

In order to restore your cars paint to mint conidition we wash, inspect, and document the areas that can be improved on your vehicle. We discuss what results you can expect from a single paint correction process, or if required, recommend a three-stage application.

Professional Paint Correction

TheĀ Professional Paint Correction Service is exactly what you need if you are looking to clear up those imperfections. It pairs excellently with our Protective Coating Service to minimize the situation from occurring again. Schedule one or both with me today!

Have You…

  • Driven on a gravel road?
  • Been through construction zones?
  • Tried to wax/buff your car yourself?
  • Rode through bad weather?
  • Had someone go through a car wash?

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