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What is a Protective Coating?

Protective Coatings, also known as Nano Coatings, are applied to provide long-term defense from various common contaminants that come in contact with your automobile on a daily basis. These coatings can be applied to your paint, wheels, glass, and trim. Unlike most wax-based services which have to be applied routinely, coating services typically stay for 2-7 years minimum, but can last up to the lifetime of your paint. Given the life cycle of the service, you are spending less than a dollar a day to provide maximum shielding for your car. Also, you are saving on a lot on routine maintenance which also helps the bottom line.

Along with the added protection from most issues that can impact your paint, such as dirt, brake dust, grime, and rain, nano coatings provide a gloss that makes your car shine unlike any other service. As an added benefit, these coats make personal car maintenance easier by preventing the build up of contaminants on the surface paint. You’ll notice that after you wash your car the gloss is still shining as if it were just applied. Another positive to using a coating is that it deepens the colors of your paint making them appear richer and more vibrant.

There are several types of protective coating products on the market. I personally use and recommend OptiCoat Pro+ (Ceramic Coating).

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The Process

It is recommended that you have a “Paint Correction” performed first, if necessary, and a paint protective film applied if you are intending on both form of protective coatings.

Upon application, the ceramic coating forms a hydrophobic surface that bonds with the upper most paint layer to form a protective shield against contaminants. This shield provides UV protection which improves the lifetime of your paint by minimizing oxidation or the fading of your paint, prevents chemical etchings and staining, and enhances your gloss effects.

What Ceramic Coats DON’T Do

While ceramic coatings are fantastic for every day protection, there are some things that it cannot protect you from. Even the advanced technologies used cannot prevent rock chips or scratches from various road debris. Some vendors will state that they can, but after testing I have not found this to be true. This service does not prevent swirl marks or hard water spots caused by mineral deposits, but can reduce the chances of this occurring with proper maintenance.

Professional Protective Coating Package – starting at $1,100

The Professional Protective Coating Service is perfect for anyone looking to increase the life span of their paint. This service is a fantastic follow up to our Paint Correction Service. Schedule both with me to minimize future issues and decrease routine maintenance.

When Should I Get A Protective Coating?

  • When You Want To Extend The Durability Of Your Paint
  • When You Want To Lower Car Maintenance & Maintain Gloss
  • After Paint Correction
  • After Paint Protection Film
  • New Vehicle
  • Car Shows

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