Vehicle Selling Detail Services

Vehicle Sell Detailing Package – starting at $275

The Vehicle Sell Detailing Package is designed to focus on getting the whole vehicle looking good for sale. It will include the Gold Interior Detail, the Gold Exterior Detail, and a Light Engine Bay Detail.

Interior Services Provided

  • Thorough vacuuming of the floor, seats, under seats, crevices, door pockets, and console areas
  • Floor mats removed and vacuumed
  • All weather floor mats removed, cleaned, and restored
  • UV protectant applied with satin finish on all vinyl and leather surfaces
  • Interior glass cleaned to a streak free finish
  • Door jams and trunk jamb cleaned
  • Trunk and spare tire area cleaned
  • Steam cleaning
  • Light stain removal

Exterior Services Provided

  • Wheel faces, wells, and tires cleaned
  • Tires dressed with a non-slinging dressing providing UV and ozone protectants to shield surfaces from sun damage and environmental pollution
  • Special pretreatment for bugs, tar, and heavily contaminated areas
  • Door jams, gas jamb, and trunk jamb cleaned
  • Polymerized rinseless hand washing
  • Chemical decontamination of wheels and paint surfaces
  • Clay bar treatment of paint surface
  • Single stage machine polishing to remove swirl marks and light scratching
  • Panel by panel wipe down to remove all polishing oils to prep surface for bonding with protection
  • Glass cleaned to a streak free finish
  • Paint, plastics, and trim protected by up to 12 months of protection

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